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Structure of Phototransformed C60 revisited, Pusztai, Tamás, Oszlányi G, Faigel G, Kamarás K, Gránásy László, and Pekker S , Aip Conference Proceedings, Volume 486, p.20-23, (1999)
Absence of evidences of decomposition of Fe2B during mechanical grinding, Balogh, J, Horvath ZE, Pusztai Tamás, Kemény T, and Vincze I , Physical Review B Condensed Matter, Volume B57, p.29-32, (1998)
Inter-grain coupling in nanocrystalline soft magnets, Kemény, T, Balogh J, Farkas I, Kaptás D, Kiss LF, Pusztai Tamás, Tóth L, and Vincze I , Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, Volume 10, Issue 14, p.L221-L227, (1998)
Magnetic properties and local structure of Fe-Zr-B-Cu nanocrystalline alloys, Kemény, T, Varga LK, Kiss LF, Balogh J, Pusztai Tamás, Tóth L, and Vincze I , Materials Science Forum, Volume 269-272, Issue 1, p.419-424, (1998)
Monte Carlo simulations of first-order phase transformations with mutual blocking of anisotropically growing particles up to all relevant orders, Pusztai, Tamás, and Gránásy László , Physical Review B Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Volume 57, p.14110-14118, (1998)
Diffusion amorphization and interface properties of Fe-B multilayers, Balogh, J, Bujdosó L, Kemény T, Pusztai Tamás, Tóth L, and Vincze I , Applied Physics A - Materials Science and Processing, Volume 65, Issue 1, p.23-27, (1997)
Surface roughness in Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer films studied by AFM and X-ray diffraction, Rozlosnik, N, Antal G, Pusztai Tamás, and Faigel G , Supramolecular Science, Volume 4, Issue 3-4, p.215-218, (1997)
Formation of monomer, dimer and polymer phases in the A1C60 (A=K, Rb, Cs) system, Pusztai, Tamás, Faigel G, Gránásy László, and Tegze M , Physics and Chemistry of Fullerenes and Derivatives: Proceedings of The International Winterschool On Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, p.302-305, (1995)
Phase transitions in the A1C60 (A=K, Rb, Cs) salts, Pusztai, Tamás, Faigel G, Gránásy László, Tegze M, and Pekker S , Europhysics Letters, Volume 32, p.721-727, (1995)