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Phase field theory of nucleation and polycrystalline pattern formation, Gránásy, László, Pusztai Tamás, and Börzsönyi T , Handbook of Theoretical and Computational Nanotechnology, p.525-572, (2006)
Conference Proceedings
Phase field theory of polycrystalline freezing in three dimensions, Pusztai, Tamás, Bortel G, and Gránásy László , Proceedings of Modeling of Casting, Welding and Advanced Solidification Processes - Xi, p.409-416, (2006)
Journal Article
3D Lattice Boltzmann flow simulations through dendritic mushy zones, Ludwig, A, Kharicha A, Hölzl C, Domitner J, Wu M, and Pusztai Tamás , Engineering Analysis With Boundary Elements, Volume 41, (2014)
Absence of evidences of decomposition of Fe2B during mechanical grinding, Balogh, J, Horvath ZE, Pusztai Tamás, Kemény T, and Vincze I , Physical Review B Condensed Matter, Volume B57, p.29-32, (1998)
Advanced operator-splitting-based semi-implicit spectral method to solve the binary phase-field crystal equation with variable coefficients, Tegze, György, Bansel Gurvinder, Tóth Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, Fan Zhongyun, and Gránásy László , Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 228, Issue 5, p.1612-1623, (2009)
Advances of and by phase-field modelling in condensed-matter physics (vol 57, pg 1, 2008), Hecht, U, Gránásy László, Pusztai Tamás, Böttger B, Apel Markus, Witusiewicz V, Ratke L, De Wilde J, Froyen L, Camel D, et al. , Advances In Physics, Volume 59, Issue 3, p.257-259, (2010)
Amorphous Nucleation Precursor in Highly Nonequilibrium Fluids, Tóth, Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, Tegze György, Tóth Gergely, and Gránásy László , Physical Review Letters, Volume 107, Issue 17, p.175702, (2011)
Anomalous magnetic properties of the nano-size residual amorphous phase in nanocrystals, Kaptás, D, Kemény T, Balogh J, Bujdosó L, Kiss LF, Pusztai Tamás, and Vincze I , Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, Volume 11, Issue 17, p.L179-L185, (1999)
Atomic and magnetic structure of the interface in multilayers, Balogh, J, Kaptás D, Kemény T, Kiss LF, Pusztai Tamás, and Vincze I , Hyperfine Interactions, Volume 141-142, Issue 1-4, p.13-20, (2002)
Biomineralization as a Paradigm of Directional Solidification: A Physical Model for Molluscan Shell Ultrastructural Morphogenesis, Schoeppler, Vanessa, Gránásy László, Reich Elke, Poulsen Nicole, de Kloe René, Cook Phil, Rack Alexander, Pusztai Tamás, and Zlotnikov Igor , Advanced Materials, (2018)
Bulk structure of phototransformed C60, Pusztai, Tamás, Oszlányi G, Faigel G, Kamarás K, Gránásy László, and Pekker S , Solid State Communications, Volume 111, p.595-599, (1999)
Cluster size from X-ray diffraction and magnetic measurements in Fe-Ag multilayers and FeZrBCu nanocrystals, Kiss, LF, Balogh J, Bujdosó L, Kaptás D, Kemény T, Pusztai Tamás, and Vincze I , Materials Science Forum, Volume 360-362, p.505-512, (2001)
Comparison of powder and single crystal data of C60(C14H10O2) an oxygen containing anthracene derivative of C60, Bortel, G, Oszlányi G, Faigel G, Tegze M, Pusztai Tamás, and Pekker S , Materials Science Forum, Volume 228-231, p.879-884, (1996)
The composition dependence of the structural and magnetic properties in Fe92-xBxZr7Cu1 nanocrystals, Kemény, T, Kaptás D, Kiss LF, Pusztai Tamás, Balogh J, and Vincze I , Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 215, p.268-271, (2000)
Consistent multiphase-field theory for interface driven multidomain dynamics, Tóth, Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, and Gránásy László , Physical Review B, Volume 92, p.184105, (2015)
A critical assessment of the classical kinetic approach to nucleation and growth, Gránásy, László, Pusztai Tamás, and James PF , Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, Volume 43C, p.270-280, (2002)
Crystal growth kinetics as an architectural constraint on the evolution of molluscan shells, Schoeppler, Vanessa, Lemanis Robert, Reich Elke, Pusztai Tamás, Gránásy László, and Zlotnikov Igor , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 116, Issue 41, p.20388-20397, (2019)
Crystal nucleation and growth in binary phase-field theory, Gránásy, László, Börzsönyi T, and Pusztai Tamás , Journal of Crystal Growth, Volume 237-239, p.1813-1817, (2002)
Crystal nucleation and growth of spherulites demonstrated by coral skeletons and phase-field simulations, Sun, Chang-Yu, Gránásy László, Stifler Cayla A., Zaquin Tal, Chopdekar Rajesh V., Tamura Nobumichi, Weaver James C., Zhang Jun A. Y., Goffredo Stefano, Falini Giuseppe, et al. , Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 120, p.277-292, (2021)
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Diffusion-controlled anisotropic growth of stable and metastable crystal polymorphs in the phase-field crystal model, Tegze, György, Gránásy László, Tóth Gyula, Podmaniczky Frigyes, Jaatinen A, Ala-Nissila T, and Pusztai Tamás , Physical Review Letters, Volume 103, p.035702, (2009)
Diffusionless solid state reactions in C-60 and its supramolecular derivatives: photopolymerization and host-guest cycloaddition, Pekker, S, Kovats E, Kamarás K, Pusztai Tamás, and Oszlányi G , Synthetic Metals, Volume 133, p.685-687, (2003)
Free energy of the bcc-liquid interface and the Wulff shape as predicted by the phase-field crystal model, Podmaniczky, Frigyes, Tóth Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, and Gránásy László , Journal of Crystal Growth, Volume 385, Issue 1, p.148-153, (2014)
A general mechanism of polycrystalline growth, Gránásy, László, Pusztai Tamás, Börzsönyi T, Warren James A., and Douglas Jack F. , Nature Materials, Volume 3, Issue 9, p.645-650, (2004)
Grain coarsening in two-dimensional phase-field models with an orientation field, Korbuly, Bálint, Pusztai Tamás, Henry Hervé, Plapp Mathis, Apel Markus, and Gránásy László , Physical Review E, Volume 95, p.053303, (2017)
On the growth and form of spherulites, Gránásy, László, Pusztai Tamás, Tegze György, Warren James A., and Douglas Jack F. , Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics, Volume 72, Issue 1, (2005)
Growth control of peptide-nanotube spherulitic films: Experiments and simulations, Hendler, Netta, Mentovich Elad, Korbuly Bálint, Pusztai Tamás, Gránásy László, and Richter Shachar , Nano Research, 11/2015, Volume 8, Issue 11, p.3630-3638, (2015)