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Faceting and Branching in 2D Crystal Growth, Tegze, György, Tóth Gyula, and Gránásy László , Physical Review Letters, Volume 106, Issue 19, p.195502, (2011)
Diffusion-controlled anisotropic growth of stable and metastable crystal polymorphs in the phase-field crystal model, Tegze, György, Gránásy László, Tóth Gyula, Podmaniczky Frigyes, Jaatinen A, Ala-Nissila T, and Pusztai Tamás , Physical Review Letters, Volume 103, p.035702, (2009)
Phase field modeling of the conversion of methane hydrate into carbon dioxide hydrate, Tegze, György, Gránásy László, and Kvamme Bjørn , Wseas Transactions On Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 4, p.27-29, (2007)
Advanced operator-splitting-based semi-implicit spectral method to solve the binary phase-field crystal equation with variable coefficients, Tegze, György, Bansel Gurvinder, Tóth Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, Fan Zhongyun, and Gránásy László , Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 228, Issue 5, p.1612-1623, (2009)
Phase field modeling of CH4 hydrate conversion into CO2 hydrate in the presence of liquid CO2, Tegze, György, Gránásy László, and Kvamme Bjørn , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Volume 9, p.3104-3111, (2007)
Multi-scale approach to CO2-hydrate formation in aqueous solution: Phase field theory and molecular dynamics. Nucleation and growth, Tegze, György, Pusztai Tamás, Tóth Gyula, Gránásy László, Svandal A, Buanes T, Kuznetsova T, and Kvamme Bjørn , Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 124, p.234710, (2006)
Phase field theory of liquid phase separation and solidification with melt flow, Tegze, György, and Gránásy László , Proceedings of Modeling of Casting, Welding and Advanced Solidification Processes - Xi, p.513-520, (2006)
Phase field simulation of liquid phase separation with fluid flow, Tegze, György, Pusztai Tamás, and Gránásy László , Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstrucure and Processing, Volume 413-414, p.418-422, (2005)
Orientational order in dense suspensions of elliptical particles in the non-Stokesian regime, Tegze, György, Podmaniczky Frigyes, Somfai Ellák, Tamás Börzsönyi, and Gránásy László , Soft Matter, Volume 16, p.8925-8932, (2020)
Tuning the structure of non-equilibrium soft materials by varying the thermodynamic driving force for crystal ordering, Tegze, György, Gránásy László, Tóth Gyula, Douglas Jack F., and Pusztai Tamás , Soft Matter, Volume 7, Issue 5, p.1789-1799, (2011)