Phase field benchmark problems for nucleation

W. Wu, D. Montiel, J.E. Guyer, P.W. Voorhees, Warren JA, D. Wheeler, L Gránásy, Pusztai T, O.G. Heinonen

We present nucleation phase field model benchmark problems, expanding on our previous benchmark problems on diffusion, precipitation, dendritic growth, linear elasticity, fluid flow and electrochemistry. Nucleation is the process in which either a new thermodynamic phase or a new structure is created, such as solidification from the melt, or self-assembly of particulates. Based on where the nucleation occurs, it can be divided into two main categories: homogeneous nucleation and heterogeneous nucleation. In the first nucleation benchmark problem, we focus on homogeneous nucleation for both single seed under different initial conditions and multiple seeds. The second nucleation benchmark problem focuses on athermal heterogeneous nucleation and nucleation behavior near the free growth limit with different undercooling driving forces.

Topics: Heterogeneous nucleation